Deliveries & Returns


  • All items shipped to and from our facility will be shipped via FedEx for two-day or overnight delivery with shipping insurance.
  • All deliveries required an adult signature for delivery or pickup of the Merchandise at your local FedEx shipping center. Packages must be delivered at a physical address in the United States , PO Boxes are NOT permitted.
  • Any refused or returned deliveries will be processed as a completed rental transaction and the rental fee(s) are not refundable.
  • BORROW FOR TOMORROW promises to use every reasonable effort to ensure your reserved item is available for your scheduled date. Under the rare circumstance of any late deliveries or non-deliveries, we will do one of the following:
    • (i) everything in our power to accommodate our members with a similar item(s) of equal or slightly greater value at no additional Rental Fee cost (Security Deposit will be reflected) or
    • (ii) Upon return of the Merchandise in the same condition by the return due date, we will refund all Rental Fees and your full Security Deposit. The return of these amounts will be our sole liability to you in the event of non-timely delivery or non-delivery; in no event will we be liable for any other damages whatsoever.



  • The jewelry items that were rented need to be returned in the same condition as when delivered to you; reasonable wear is acceptable.
  • All returned items must be return shipped on the last day of your reservation. It is important that we receive these items on time for proper maintenance to provide clean and stunning jewelry for our next client. If for some reason your item cannot ship on time, contact BORROW FOR TOMORROW as soon as possible. Late return fees will apply, see “Late Returns” section for more information.
  • The jewelry must be re-packaged in its original box and sealed in the pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping package that is included with the original shipment. All shipments to and from our facility includes insurance and has been pre-paid by BORROW FOR TOMORROW. You are not required to purchase additional insurance from FedEx.
  • All sealed packages must be hand delivered to a FedEx personal at an approved FedEx location that is listed on your statement. A shipping drop off receipt is required with all returns and the client is required to obtain the receipt until the package is received and confirmed by BORROW FOR TOMORROW.
  • If packages are return not in accordance to our Shipping Checklist Rules and Restrictions, insurance will be void and if the package is lost or damaged, the client is responsible for 100% of the Security Deposit to cover the cost of a replacement. Contact us with any questions.
  • After the jewelry item is returned and a thorough inspection is completed, the Security Deposit charge will be refunded minus any repair fees and/or late return fees if accrued (in the form of a credit on your credit card). The inspection typically takes 2-3 business days and BORROW FOR TOMORROW will email the inspection report to you along with the final receipt that includes any repair fees or late fees if applicable. If you disagree or have questions about the inspection report, a written notification must be received within three (3) business days from the date the report was emailed to you.


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