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  1. BORROW FOR TOMORROW acts as a facilitator to arrange cargo insurance and transportation on behalf of its customers.
  2. The insurance policy issued to BORROW FOR TOMORROW only covers for loss and/or damage during the course of shipping transit for stated commodities and is subject to the Membership Agreement’s Terms & Conditions, the Shipping Terms & Conditions, and the Shipping Checklist Rules & Restrictions. The jewelry’s replacement value is determined by Borrow For Tomorrow.
  3. All coverage is subject to confirmation by BORROW FOR TOMORROW.
  4. All claim decisions are made by the underwriters of the issuing insurance company.
  5. Customer will direct all lawsuits on issues relating to payment of claims for loss or damage or with respect to insurance coverage, to the insurance company(s) and not BORROW FOR TOMORROW.
  6. COMMODITY TO COVER : The insurance policy provided to BORROW FOR TOMORROW shall cover for all lawful goods and/or merchandise consisting of jewelry and gemstones and similar goods.
  7. COMMENCEMENT OF COVERAGE: Coverage for a BORROW FOR TOMORROW confirmed shipment begins after the package is tendered to the approved staffed carrier. Proof of tender will derive from the tracking information received from the approved carrier.
  8. COVERAGE OF SHIPMENT TERMINATES: Coverage for a BORROW FOR TOMORROW confirmed shipment ends when delivery is made. Delivery is when a package is signed for at the delivery location. Delivery information is based on information provided by carrier.
  9. IMPORTANT NOTICE ON FRAUD: BORROW FOR TOMORROW policy does not cover claims arising directly or indirectly from fraud/dishonesty/negligence, including but not limited to credit card fraud, check fraud, C.O.D. fraud, mail fraud or any fraud on behalf of the shipper/recipient or their employees.
  10. OTHER EXCLUSIONS : The insurance policy provided to BORROW FOR TOMORROW does not provide coverage for the following:
    1. goods shipped by non-approved couriers or package service, or by any other non approved mode of transportation
    2. shipments made subject to a “waiver of signature” or similar agreements on record with carriers
    3. loss or damage after shipment is left at residence unsigned and unattended
    4. packages dropped in unmanned drop boxes or non carrier staffed collection points
    5. loss or damage caused by unexplained loss, mysterious disappearances or shortage disclosed upon taking inventory
  11. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF LOSS BUT NO LATER THAN 3 DAYS FROM SHIP DATE. Failure to report a claim timely will nullify the insurance coverage.
  12. COOPERATION IN CLAIMS PROCESS. Customer/Shipper and recipient shall cooperate in providing documentation and other information pertinent to a claim for loss or damage, including examination under oath.
  13. BORROW FOR TOMORROW reserves the right to place a lien on settled claims to apply to shipper's unpaid balance with BORROW FOR TOMORROW.
  14. TERMS OF INSURANCE POLICY CONTROL. Under all circumstances, the terms and conditions set forth in the insurance policy issued to BORROW FOR TOMORROW shall control in determining issues concerning insurance coverage. To the extent that any terms and conditions stated herein conflict with those in the policy of the issuing insurance company, the terms and conditions of the policy shall control and be binding as to issues of insurance coverage.
  15. RATE/PRICING. Shipment pricing and rates shall be as provided to customer by BORROW FOR TOMORROW. Customer/Shipper agrees to pay the rates provided and to comply with all the terms of credit, if any.
  16. RULES AND PROCEDURES FOR SHIPPING: There are important rules and procedures which must be followed as condition prior to consideration of a claim or loss. These rules are outlined in detail in BORROW FOR TOMORROW’s Shipping Checklist Rules and Restrictions. Please refer to the BORROW FOR TOMORROW’s Shipping Checklist Rules and Restrictions, which incorporated herein by reference as part of your terms and conditions with BORROW FOR TOMORROW’.
  17. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Use of BORROW FOR TOMORROW services will serve as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and binds customer/shipper, consignee and all other interested parties.
  18. ENTIRE AGREEMENT . This Agreement together with the BORROW FOR TOMORROW’s Shipping Checklist Rules and Restrictions shall constitute the entire agreement between BORROW FOR TOMORROW and its Customer/Shipper. No oral modification of the terms and conditions are permitted by either party, and no BORROW FOR TOMORROW employee shall have authority to orally modify any terms and conditions. All modifications must be in writing by BORROW FOR TOMORROW. The terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy shall control on issues of coverage. BORROW FOR TOMORROW shall not be bound to this Agreement until Customer Approval.
  19. JURISDICTION AND VENUE . Any Judicial claim or action arising out of this Agreement, or shipment by or through BORROW FOR TOMORROW must be filed in Sioux City Superior Court, in Sioux City, Iowa. All Parties agree to forebear from bringing a claim in any other county or jurisdiction. Iowa law shall apply.
  20. AMENDMENTS TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS : On occasion, BORROW FOR TOMORROW may modify these Terms and Conditions with its Customers/Shippers with notification. Use of BORROW FOR TOMORROW services after notification shall constitute Customer/Shippers acceptance to, and/or modification of, the Service Terms and Conditions.

Please read and understand our Shipping Checklist Rules & Restrictions and also our Shipping Terms & Conditions. If packages are return not in accordance to our Shipping Checklist Rules and Restrictions, insurance will be void and if the package is lost or damaged, the client is responsible for 100% of the Retail Value for a replacement. Contact us with any questions.


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